We are Nerd Nite Tokyo, bringing geeks and drinks together in the Kanto region since June 2016!

NN23_bannerNerd Nite #23: (nerd nite)²

Our geeky shows have been running in Tokyo for TWO WHOLE YEARS. We’re square and taking it up to the power of 2 in June with these fresh talks:

Belle de jour is out and bosei is in: why is there an influx of middle-aged sex workers offering ‘maternal love’ in Japan?

8 brains for the price of 1? The octopus arm has an autonomous nervous system that can think for itself, but how does it work?

Hidden microphones around Okinawa can track wildlife when no one is around. Can this eavesdropping improve conservation and help us understand animal behavior?

Nerd Nite = thinking and drinking at Nagatacho GRID in the heart of Tokyo. Be there and be square(d)!

Nerd beakers will also be for sale (¥1500); get one, they are seriously science-y and versatile!

NOTE: we’ll be on the the sixth floor (6F) at GRID!


  • Chiaki — ‘Mothers’ in Japan’s Sex Industry: From Pariahs to Mainstream?
  • Jean-Pierre Bellier — How Does an Octopus Arm Think? NerdNiteTokyo-glass
  • Nick Friedman — Island Song: Monitoring Okinawa’s Soundscape to Understand its Biodiversity

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When: June 8 (Friday), doors open 19:30, start 20:00

Where: Nagatacho GRID 6F (map)

Price: ¥1000 on the door

About Nerd Nite

Nerd Nite is “the Discovery Channel with beer”, a worldwide monthly event series that mixes presentations, performances, trivia, demos, music, and of course drinking. Nerd Nite Tokyo events are held in English.

「Nerd Nite東京」は、 毎月行われる会でTEDみたいな講演を3つ聞けますが、TEDと違って、リラックスした空間で飲みながらプレゼンを楽しみます!

題は科学研究、技術、美術、歴史などなど、毎月変わりますので、新しい人と話を色々発見できる場です!発表と質疑応答は英語でやりますが、もちろん日本人の方も大歓迎なのでぜひNerd Nite東京へご参加ください!

Get involved (we want you!)

If you are interested in presenting or volunteering, send us an email (tokyo@nerdnite.com), message us on Facebook (fb.com/nerdnitetokyo) or send a DM on Twitter (@nntokyo). You do not have to be a (science) presentation pro! Anyone — scientists, engineers, artists, makers, hackers, historians, science fans or storytellers — can give a talk at Nerd Nite about their own projects or just anything they find cool. Our past speakers include a medieval sword expert, artificial intelligence researchers, a hackerspace guru, a videogame artist and a nuclear physicist.

Nerd Nite Tokyo is a non-profit endeavor and everyone involved is a volunteer. Money raised goes towards swag for the audience, drinks for the speakers, equipment for the show, and to support the non-profit Yokohama Theatre Group. Our venue is kindly provided by Nagatacho GRID.

If you want to sponsor Nerd Nite or collaborate on an event, email us!

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More about Nerd Nite: videos

We’re on YouTube! Here’s the supercut of all the speakers from our first year (2016-2017), made by the talented Vinod Vijayasankaran.


And here’s what Japanese TV had to say about Nerd Nite: