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NN_collab-May2020-bannerNerd Nite All-Japan Edition

Like Earth, Wind and Fire, the Nerd Nites of Japan are combining to make Captain Planet — wait, that’s not quite right. We are combining to make an awesome online show, with 3 smart speakers to stimulate your brain during lockdown! All-new live talks, streaming to the comfort of your couch.

–> https://youtu.be/IMBykCVKwAI <–

From Okinawa, Otis Brunner is talking about the deep sea.
From Kansai, Chrissie Shears-Ozeki is talking about paleontology.
And from Tokyo via Toronto, Catherine Beauchemin will explain her research in virophysics and take questions about COVID-19.


1. Otis Brunner — Mining the Deep Sea: A Literal Race to the Bottom

2. Chrissie Shears-Ozeki — Solving Mysteries from Traces of Ancient Life

3. Catherine Beauchemin — What is a Virophysicist and What Do They Do During a Pandemic?


When: May 22 (Friday), start 20:00 JST

Where: ONLINE https://youtu.be/IMBykCVKwAI

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About Nerd Nite

Nerd Nite is “the Discovery Channel with beer”, a worldwide monthly event series that mixes presentations, performances, trivia, demos, music, and of course drinking. Nerd Nite Tokyo events are held in English.

「Nerd Nite東京」は、 毎月行われる会でTEDみたいな講演を3つ聞けますが、TEDと違って、リラックスした空間で飲みながらプレゼンを楽しみます!

テーマは科学研究、技術、美術、歴史などなど、毎月変わりますので、新しい人と話を色々発見できる場です!発表と質疑応答は英語でやりますが、もちろん日本人の方も大歓迎なのでぜひNerd Nite東京へご参加ください!

Get involved (we want you!)

If you are interested in presenting or volunteering, send us an email (tokyo@nerdnite.com), message us on Facebook (fb.com/nerdnitetokyo) or send a DM on Twitter (@nntokyo). You do not have to be a (science) presentation pro! Anyone — scientists, engineers, artists, makers, hackers, historians, science fans or storytellers — can give a talk at Nerd Nite about their own projects or just anything they find cool. Our past speakers include a medieval sword expert, artificial intelligence researchers, a hackerspace guru, a videogame artist and a nuclear physicist.

Nerd Nite Tokyo is a non-profit endeavor and everyone involved is a volunteer. Money raised goes towards swag for the audience, drinks for the speakers, equipment for the show, and to support the non-profit Yokohama Theatre Group. Our venue is kindly provided by Nagatacho GRID.

If you want to sponsor Nerd Nite or collaborate on an event, email us!

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