Back online in July, we’re talking about:

* The most dramatic topography in the solar system is in…Japan?
* Why robot vision is not as simple as you think
* And more than you ever wanted to know about metabolic dysregulation from the world’s greatest liver scientist

See you on YouTube on Friday July 17!

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Speakers and approximate schedule (times JST):

1. (20:15) Christine Houser — Fuji-san: The Forces Driving Japan’s Most Iconic Volcano

Mount Fuji: Japan’s highest point and no ordinary volcano. The geologic features we associate with Japan–earthquakes, volcanoes, the Japanese Alps, and our beloved onsen–arise from the intersection of three tectonic plates below Kanto. We will explore how our dynamic Earth moves water, rock, and magma to create such an inspiring landscape.

2. (21:00) Fahrettin Haczeyni — Foie Gras: Protecting the Liver from a Silent Disease (October 2019)

When the liver gets fat, how can we fight back?

3. (21:45) Martin Skrodzki — Seeing and Recognizing: Two Very Different Animals for Robots

Most humans have no problem instantly recognizing faulty manufacturing parts on a conveyor belt. For robots, however, this task is decisively harder. Mathematical methods can help them and progress automation–up to a point. What’s so problematic for robots to recognize objects, how can we help them and what trade-offs need to be made?


When: July 17 (Friday), start 20:00 (JST)


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