As autumn arrives, Nerd Nite returns with a stimulating show that goes from high-brow to low-brow to quantum (-brow?). In October we’ll explore:

* Footnotes: pesky interruptions or invaluable literary tools? Yes, there is actually a weird and wacky history of footnotes!
* Pi-hole bonding: it’s not a fetish, it’s chemistry!
* Penguins: champion poopers, but how far can their poo fly?

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Speakers and approximate schedule (times JST):

1. (20:15) Alex Watson — The Footnote: A Defense
2. (21:00) Hiroyuki Tajima — Projectiles, Pressure and the Stinky Math of Penguin Poo
3. (21:45) Rumpa Pal — Sigma Meets Pi: How Molecules Interact in Quantum Crystallography

When: October 16 (Friday), start 20:00 (JST) [12pm London, 7am New York]

Where: YouTube
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