This woebegone year is nearly behind us. Things are looking up! In December let’s take a dive into genomics and evolutionary history, take a look back at the history of the Arecibo telescope, and discover how a naval disaster led to the development of GPS.

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Speakers and approximate schedule (times JST):

1. (20:15) Kathryn Elmer — Species Recovery After Collapse
Pollution can decimate fish, but species can bounce back quickly.

2. (21:00) Saida Caballero-Nieves — Arecibo: The Telescope of Enchantment

3. (21:45) Don Warren — Wherever You Go, There You Are: From the Scilly Seas to GPS
Measuring latitude and longitude was a big problem for safely navigating the seas. How was it solved, and what do time and special and general relativity have to do with it?

When: December 4 (Friday), start 20:00 (JST) [11am London, 6am New York]

Where: YouTube
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